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I swallow razor blades and spit up blood

I cut out my heart and gave it to my love

Das Lächeln als das Gift sickert durch Sie
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I am everything you XloveX to hate.

You may or may not get along with me. I'll try and be nice, but if you insist on being an asshole, I can be a bitch
I'm 17. That doesn't mean I'm stupid.
My heart belongs to razorred.
Label me and I'll slaughter you. Or just seethe with anger. I like murder, death, mayhem, blood and guts. I love horror. I'm fasinated with psychology and serial killers. I play in cemetaries. I love faeries, dragons, and other things that people don't believe exsist.
I have a lot of opinions and I'm not quiet about them, yet I do not shove them down your throat. If you do ask, I will choke you with my honesty. I have fetishes that would make your skin crawl.
I'm a witch. As in Wiccan.I do notpractice black magick. My craft name is Tatsu, and I prefer that as an internet alias.
I hate my smile, so don't ask why I never do in pics. And yes, I do have a sense of humor.
This journal is mostly friends only, so add me if you want to read anything more interesting than my public posts.
Interesting is rarely the case though.
I love to write, but at the moment I have chronic writer block. This means most of my prose comes out more like ramblings.
Add me if you wish. I'll add you back unless you display one of the qualites I hate. (see-dislikes).
Enjoy watching me on the way down.


N The Noise In My Head N

ABK-Alice In Chains-Atreyu-Bile-Blaze-Bleeding Through-Cattle Decapitation-Chimaira-Cephalic Carnage-Children of Bodom-Coal Chamber-Cradle of Filth- Dark Funeral-Danzig-Dark Lotus-Dresden Dolls-Dimmu Borgir-Dying Fetus-Genitorturers- God Forbid-ICP-Jack Off Jill-Kidney Thieves- Killswitch Engage-Lollipop Lust Kill-Lacuna Coil-London After Midnight-Machinehead-Marilyn Manson-Mindless Self Indulgence-Murderdolls-Mushroomhead-My Ruin-Napalm Death-Nightwish-NIN-Norma Jean-Oomph-Orgy-Opeth-Otep-Rammstein- Rasputina- Razed in Black-Sepultura-Scarling-Scarebears-Scars of Tommorow-Skinny Puppy-Sioxsie and the Banchees-Switchblade symphony- Tapping the Vein-Tech n9ne-The Birthday Massacre-Twiztid-Type O Negetive-Unearth-Velvet Acid Christ-::wumpscut::-Zeromancer-Rob Zombie

N Static On The Screen N
Quills-A Clockwork Orange- Beetlejuice-Now and Than- The Sixth Sense- Moulin Rouge- IT- The Virgin Suicides- The Nightmare Before Christmas- Bowling for Columbine- Fahrenheit 9/11- Pirates of the Caribbean- From Hell- Nightmare on Elm Street trilogy- The Exorcist- Stigmata- Fear Dot Com- Strangeland- 8MM-The Neverending Story-The Crow-Edward Scissorhands

N The Needles in My Spine N
I hate homophobics, racists, assholes, hypocrites, self proclaimed “gawths”/punks, stupidity, high school, drama bullshit, age restriction laws, smelly people, closed minds with open mouths, religious fanatics,people who cut themselves for attention

Mark Ryden is creepy love.

By w00tlikewoah

The Neverending Story is neverending love.

by this_is_fucked

Name: PumpkinHead


Favorite Food:Babies; human souls

Favorite Hobby:Knitting, destroying, reading, fire

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I am stamped in fae_enchantment as Of Shadows, Lady of Ravens
I am stamped in divinities as the Morrigan, Lilith.
I am stamped in legendarybeingsas Dark Fae
I am stamped in animated_beauty as Megara, Marina
I am stamped in nine_muses_ as Erato
I am stamped in beingsoflegend as Dark Fae, Sorceress, Natural Witch
I am stamped in of_myth as Woman of Camelot, Vivane
I am stamped in ladies_of_court as Anne Boleyn
I am stamped in leading_ladies as Mimi, Aldonza.

Frankie is a Gloomy Ghoul Girl
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